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Shopping. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to shop.  The excitement of exploring unique clothing and accessories, absorbing a myriad of colors and patterns, and falling in love with so many textures of fabrics! As much as I love “the stuff,” the relationships that develop from the experience are really the most fulfilling.

My mom was and is my first creative inspiration and mentor.  We completely get the other's vision.  If I have an idea, she is the first one I run it by.  Along with her creative twin and BFF, Sally, my mom has inspired me to think outside the box and find inspiration in everything. 

Following the road of life led me to working for an interior designer I really admired.  At one point, I tried to talk her into opening a clothing boutique, and she said, “Why don’t YOU just open one?” Those words bounced around in my head until 2007 when I followed my passion and opened Dressed Boutique.

Having  someone to cheer you on is incredibly valuable, especially while working to build your dream. Brooke, my sister, is that person for me. She is an incredible sister and mom – she manages so many things yet always helps me believe in myself. Brooke helped establish the foundation to build my dream, and having someone support your vision in that way is amazing.  Dressed couldn't have been a reality without her support!

Going on my first buying trip was like a dream.  Attending a fashion show and making decisions about purchasing clothing for people who live in my community, knowing I would see them out and about wearing items I picked...that really made my head spin.  It’s a gamble every single time I buy new products: Not only do I want the merchandise to sell, but I also want our customers to love what Dressed has to offer.

Merchandising the store is one of my favorite things.  I love to really engross myself in the task, taking every article of clothing off the racks and bringing in all the new merchandise to “tell a story” for our customers to enjoy. Change is good...we love change at Dressed.  

We do more than just sell clothes. We love to make women feel good about themselves and stretch their boundaries.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes...or the same clothes that everyone else is wearing.

– Cam Amici, Dressed Boutique


We don't look at the lists of what to wear or what not to wear. We are comfortable pulling pieces, creating a look and wearing it in a way we love so that everyone wants to know “where did you get that?” 

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